I am (already Sum)

Alive, I’m dreaming,
I think, I write,
I perceive the moment,
I exist.
I see, I also listen to the silence,
I am.
I feel your body,
I caress the immense,
I calm down,
I want to kiss you,
caress you with my chin.

I lift my eyes to the Sky,
I question myself,
I define the horizon,
the song of the undertow
throws every certainty into disarray,
I lower my eyes,
the shadow of a seagull
it cuts me in two
and moving away quickly on the sand
conveys the sensation of rocks trembling
and vanishes in the wind,
I followed it in vain
to gain time.

© Copyright 2023 Mauro Giovanelli “Seventy-nine writings or thereabouts”, life, love, death and the usual, second edition – Translation Italian-English: Philip Mc Court. – “Settantanove scritti o giù di lì”, vita, amore, morte, i soliti discorsi”, second edition, publications GEDI Gruppo editoriale SpA – sito ilmiolibro

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