Immaculate for me

Over time I have understood,
that you are power of the soul
-formerly mere intuition on my part.
Giving and having,
before and after,
I am in you.
Not even helmsman
of my own pulsions,
slave to passion,
I consider the penetration
of the flesh
conversely, I belong to you,
I genuflect and you,
unblemished by me,
for eternity.
That’s what it is.

© Copyright 2023 Mauro Giovanelli “Seventy-nine writings or thereabouts, life, love, death and the usual” 2a edizione febbraio 2023 – “Settantanove scritti o giù di lì, vita, amore, morte, i soliti discorsi – Translation Italian-English: Philip Mc Court.

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