When all the nouns
are finished,
combinations of notes
have run out,
every possible chord
terminated, harmony,
when we accept
the glitch
of finding one sole
unprecedented rhyme, line, assonance,
and when primary colours
have been eclipsed by the mixture
of limitless nuances,
even the most audacious
of the spectre of light,
when creativity
results saturated
with countless diversities
still concealed in the imagination
of Nature, or of a God
crazy, restless, desperate,
and when entropy
touches the highest high
in thermal death
which will undo the cosmos,
do not forget
to seize my hand –
with the other one I will free you from the chaos
to take you even further.

© Copyright 2023 Mauro Giovanelli “Seventy-nine writings or thereabouts”, life, love, death and the usual, second edition – Translation Italian-English: Philip Mc Court. – “Settantanove scritti o giù di lì”, vita, amore, morte, i soliti discorsi”, 2a edizione

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